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Welcome To CyberSOFONET

CyberSOFONET was established with the aim of bringing in sanity, confidence and trust in the computing industry by providing cyber defense through Cyber security, SOftware Engineering, Digital FOrensics, and NETworking against threats, insider and outsider

Our Services


provision of security through different tested applications.

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Software Engineering

Development of secure application and software analysis including defensive programming.

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Digital Forensics

We are involved in detection and prevention of crime in digitally stored evidence.

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Secure Networking

Network protection is one of the major concerns among business owners. .

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Research & Development

we conduct research and develop based on the research results.

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What does work, however, is the ability to present the company as being professional and experienced. When we walk into an office that is neatly arranged and greatly designed we immediately begin to think positively.

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