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About Us


CyberSOFONET was established with the aim of bringing in sanity, confidence and trust in the computing industry by providing cyber defense through Cyber security, SOftware Engineering, Digital FOrensics, and NETworking against threats, insider and outsider

Specifically, we provide services that include; Penetration Testing, Encryption, Bug fixing, Digital Forensic Investigations, Secure Coding (defensive Programming), Secure Web Application Development, Secure Web Hosting, Secure Network/Server configurations & optimization, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Capacity Building and Research and Development services. At CyberSOFONET we believe in our staff who have multiple-skill set and variety of tools to address different scenarios of cyber threats. We believe in hands-on solutions.

Why Choose Us

CyberSOFONET ensures customer tailored solutions incorporating the best of breed systems from its portfolio. At CyberSOFONET each day has its own challenges and that there is no general solution accorded to each customer's specific requirement. Therefore, the job brings new challenges, which would give us the opportunity to factor in new capabilities and new skill sets into interventions.




Meet Our Team

Wezzie Lukhere

Managing Director & Lead Consultant - Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

  • +265 - 996954827
  • wlukhere@cybersofonet.com

Steven Felix Salaniponi

Director of Secure Coding and Defensive Programming

  • +265 - 994500950
  • ssalaniponi@cybersofonet.com